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October 9, 2019

Bloomerang is donor management software that will have you building relationships with donors.

2 Donor Relationship Ideas and Remote Working

The podcast with some great examples of relationship building from California.


Being an entrepreneur means I have time to help many organizations optimize their fundraising systems and technology allows me to do it from a trip with my husband to California.

On our trip, two really great things happened to show me that there are examples of donor relationship building all around us.

The first one was a music festival moment where board members and volunteers were invited to dance as a group. The organization was fortunate to have a leader that understood the value of cultivating a strong family bond in the board of directors. The dance they participated in, bound them together in a way that few things could.

The second, was an invitation from a church for congregants to sign their name in the walls of the new wing of the church. Wow, what an opportunity to grow the relationship with the members of the church.

These are just a few of the examples we come across all the time. Take a moment and note the times you were brought closer to the groups you participate in. What brought you closer? When we cultivate those relationships, the donors to your organization are emotionally bound to your impact and they grow in their interest and care of the partnership they have with you.

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